Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 20070910 (20070106)

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Overview:

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Model Reviewed: This overview is done with the standard 30″ Masterbuilt electric smoker model 20070910. This the is the new standard of the 30″ smoker, and replaces model number 20070106. When purchasing, pay attention to the model number as it is important.  In short, the Masterbuilt electric smoker is a wonderful smoker for the price! Whether you’re new to smoking, or an experienced smoker who wants a less hands on, labor intensive smoke, this is simply the best you can get for the $$.

Independent Overview by Matthew Michael

Ease of Use Five stars
Features and Durability  Four and a Half stars
Overall Value  Five stars

The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 2070910 is a great solution for anyone who…

  • Wants an easy smoker to work with. Because it’s electric, you don’t have to maintain the coals like you would a charcoal smoker.
  • Wants a “restaurant quality” smoker for the home.
  • Wants a less labor-intensive smoker.
  • Is new to smoking, who wants an affordable unit that they can grow into as experience grows.

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Let’s Look at The Key Features of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

  • It’s a 2-1/2-cubic-foot electric smoker with powder-coated steel exterior.
  • The Masterbuilt electric smoker20070910 has 4 removable smoking racks.
  • Push-button digital control panel.
  • 0 – 24-hour timer with auto shut-off.
  • Thermostat-controlled electric temperature; insulated for energy-efficient cooking.
  • The precise thermostat-controlled electric temperature delivers even heating and can be set from 100 to 275 degrees F.
  • Air damper; side-loading wood tray; removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan.
  • Measures approximately 19-1/2 by 18-2/7 by 34 inches.


 Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Models

There are a few variations of the Masterbuilt Smokehouse Smoker available.

30″ Electric Smokers ====================
  • Model #20070110; smoker with window and meat probe The heating element alone can be replaced by the customer.
  • Model #20070910; standard 30″ edition The heating element alone can be replaced by the customer.
  • Model #20070106; standard 30″ edition (The OLDER model that has been replaced by #20070110) For heating element replacement, you must replace the entire body – and the customer can do this. The cost for the new body is $60.00 plus shipping and handling. 
40″ Electric Smokers ====================
Model #20070710; smoker with window and meat probe The heating element alone can be replaced by the customer.

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Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • The Masterbuilt electric smoker is simple enough to run for a novice smoker, but has plenty of features for an experienced smoker as well.
  • Generous capacity. Has four racks that can be loaded up. If you’re cooking large birds, you may need to use only two racks for space. But still, the ability to smoke two birds at one time is nice.
  • Very well insulated. The box is pretty thick, so you won’t lose heat on cold days.
  • Affordable smoke. Because this unit primarily runs on electricity, you use a minimal amount of wood.
  • Fantastic customer support. While I didn’t need to contact them, there are many online reviews from people who have. Sounds like they are very, very good and responsive.

The Cons:

I wish the temperature could go a bit higher. 275 degrees is great for red meats, but 350 degrees would be nice for poultry. BUT as I say that, keep in mind that the name of the game for smoking is LOW & SLOW. Just give poultry a little extra time and you’ll be fine.

What Current Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Owners Think About It…

Five stars
Bob S. says… Masterbuilt customer service second to none. I would like to comment on the customer service I encountered when I had a problem with my unit. I use my MES often, and long smokes 12-14 hrs. are common. A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my heating system. This smoker is almost 2 years old and well beyond warranty, my thinking was to contact Masterbuilt and see if they would give me a good price on the parts I need for the repair. Well as it turned out Masterbuilt is replacing my smoker with a new one. I recommend Masterbuilt without reservation. Review edited for size. Click here to read original review at

Five stars
Alfred A. says… Great smoker. I’ve been looking at this smoker for awhile. I finally took the plunge and bought it. I’ve not been sorry. I made ribs, roast and chicken and all turned out great! It’s simple to use and works great. The only problem i’ve had is finding the chips. Planning to try smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving. Review edited for size. Click here to read original review at


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